Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. We have a network of branches throughout the country and already provide pan India services to numerous customers.
Each customer is assigned an Account Manager. Above the manager is a Regional Manager, then the Zonal Head and finally the Business Head.
We guarantee effective pest treatment to protect customers from pests. However, we do not assure total elimination or eradication of pests as that is not possible.
We can help you through our prior knowledge of similar premises. Further, you can send us pictures of the pests and we shall identify them for you.
Chemical pesticides when sprayed are amenable to drift. Hence, we request that employees not be present during our pest treatments.
Pest Control is a science best left to experts. As pests can cause damage it is cheaper to get them treated professionally and protect yourself and your property from pests.
The cost of pest treatments is relative. Pests can cause serious damage if not treated and controlled. It may be more expensive to repair their damage than prevent it.
IPM is an approach in which pests are treated for only after other options like prevention do not succeed. IPM targets pests to minimise envrionmental impact.
Yes. Warm temperatures typically lead to increase of pest populations. Mosquitoes and flies are examples of pests that proliferate in warm and humid seasons.
Pest treatments do not eliminate 100% of the population. Pests customers see may be individuals that were not affected or those that might have migrated into the area.
No. There are no herbal remedies for pests. Typically, natural products from plants are mainly repellent and do not provide long lasting or effective solutions.