Bird Proofing Solutions

We offer a range of effective, long lasting and comprehensive bird proofing solutions in association with our partners Hughes & Hughes. Our solutions prevent pest birds from accessing, entering or getting harbourage inside your premises.

Bird proofing is highly suited for sensitive processing environments like those in Food Processing and Healthcare.

Some solutions like shock strips and netting need low levels of monitoring and maintenance. Our solutions are suited for a range of structures and surfaces and can be implemented with least disruption to your business.


Suitablity Narrow ledges
Application Can be nailed, glued or bound
Material Polycarbonate or steel
Effectiveness Close 100%
Warranty 3 years
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Suitablity Factories, windows, balconies and open areas
Application Tied or screwed with bolts
Material HDPE or Nylon
Effectiveness 60%
Warranty 1 year
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Shockaway Shock Strip

Suitablity Neon Signs, ledges and parapets
Application Glued with silicone and charged by transformer
Material High grade Plastic with Aluminium wiring
Effectiveness Close to 100%
Warranty 5 years
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Pest-Go Gel

Bird Proofing Solutions for Industries
Suitablity Industrial envrionments
Application On trusses at 45 degrees or lesser
Material Transparent petroleum based substance
Effectiveness 2-3 years depending upon condition where it is applied
Warranty 2-3 years depending upon condition where it is applied
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Bird Fog

Suitablity Open Areas against flocks of brids
Application Diluted and sprayhed @10 ml. per litre of water
Material Food grade substance with pleasant odour
Effectiveness Varying depending on weather
Warranty 2-4 months
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Bird Wailer

Suitablity Airport runways & similar open areas
Application Placed in area to deter birds by sound.
Material Electronic instrument with 5 speakers
Effectiveness Close to 100%
Warranty 1 year
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